A Guide to Business Broadband Speed

The speed of your internet connection is very important these days. When your internet connection for your business is too slow or unreliable it can literally grind your business to a halt. Internet is unmissable these days in any organisation with a large part of IT structures being in the cloud. Connecting to and working with the cloud is very dependent on a fast internet connection. Also nowadays not only computer networks need a fast internet connection also a lot of organisations have an internet based phone system like VoIP phone systems. Speed is key. How do you know if your business internet is fast enough? Tech-Wales provides you with a basic guides what to look for.

What is internet speed

It can be quite complicated to define internet speed as it is dependent on a lot of variables. When your business has a business broadband package it does not mean that your business is actually provided with the speed you pay for. Your actual speed is depending on factors like:

  • How many people are using the internet connection
  • Are there a lot premises who are using the same main internet connection
  • What is the quality of the internet including the street cable but also the connection to the end user
  • What sort of router is your business using – what sort of computer hardware is used to access the internet?

It is difficult to know all these factors as fact but you can get a good indication of your actual internet speed using an internet speed tester like speedtest.net.

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A Guide to Broadband Speed

What sort of internet connections are available

We will only be focusing on fast broadband options for you business. In our opinion anything less will compromise quality and will cost you money in the long term planning.

Firstly there is FTTC which is a super fast broadband connection. It stands for Fibre to the Cabinet. With this broadband a fibre optic cable is used between your nearest street cabinet and the exchange. The line from the street cabinet to your business location uses the existing copper network but as copper performs well over short distances the performance remains high.

A faster option is FTTP which is an ultra fast broadband connection. FTTP means Fibre to the Premises and unlike FTTC broadband is a pure fibre connection all the way to your business. At the moment this is the one of the fastest shared fibre broadband connection option.

However if you want even more speed there is a faster but more expensive option. With FTTC and FTTP broadband you are sharing the fibre cable with everyone else in your street. So basically you and other premises are using the same fibre cable which at peak times can decrease your internet speed. With leased line business broadband your business has a dedicated broadband connection which only your business will use which will guarantee you a very high internet speed.

How do I know what connection is right for me

It is very difficult to say what sort of broadband connection is the right one for your business. We will only give a very general indication on what to look for when you want a fast broadband connection for your business. Feel free to contact us today for your broadband business assessment by Tech-Wales. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the broadband package which is right for your business at very competitive prices.

In general FTTC broadband is used by small businesses. With a limited amount of employees it is even possible to have VoIP phone system on FTTC.

FTTP broadband is mostly used by medium size businesses. This will provide very fast broadband for a very competitive price. Because the connection is fibre all the way to your premises FTTP broadband can handle the internet usage of more employees including VoIP telephone systems and streaming.

Large businesses will need the leased line business broadband to provide all departments with fast internet at any time. With a dedicated broadband connection your business will be set up with reliable very fast broadband for your organisation.