What’s new with MS Teams in 2024

MS Teams is a vital software package in any organisation these days. Tech-Wales explains what’s new with MS Teams in 2024. Microsoft is trying to make Teams more visually consistent and predictable. From now on, every user will receive a tile, regardless of whether the webcam is on or not. Each participant is in a 16:9 aspect ratio, with 16 participants (4 by 4) as the default option. You can also choose 4, 9, 16 or 49 shared windows at the same time.

For some users it would also have been too distracting to see their own camera image. That is why it is now possible to shield this window yourself, while other users still receive the webcam image.

Microsoft will also give higher priority to speakers and users who have raised a virtual hand. Once again, this should ensure that the image changes less quickly than before. Groups that participate via a Teams Room will have a larger window so that all participants can be seen. This can still be adjusted. Since existing meeting products from Poly (HP), for example, then further adjust these windows to highlight the speaker, users may want to arrange this differently.

Together Mode has also been improved, with a layout that makes sharing content even more accessible. Users can be provided with a common background to help them blend in with the material presented. This feature will appear in Public Preview in early February.

Better customisability, faster access

Then there is more to adjust with MS Teams. Anyone who does not like the colour palette that Microsoft has chosen can adjust it. If the default dark mode is not to your liking, this can also be changed.

Users can now get into a meeting faster. Microsoft explains that employees’ schedules are becoming increasingly full with hybrid and virtual meetings, so the company is responding. Important information (Meeting ID and Passcode) is now clearer below the button to join a Teams call. This will be available from February 2024. Later in the year the shortened Teams link will be added, which is still not easy to type over.

The free and paid versions of Teams will also integrate better with each other. From now on, users of the free client do not have to respond to a Teams invitation via a browser: they end up directly in the Teams app.

Simpler control of audio and video should resolve possible setting errors more quickly. Settings such as using the correct audio output and volume are no longer hidden behind a few extra submenus. Other options such as changing the background also become more accessible.

What's new with MS Teams in 2024

The new ME Teams: simplified and clarified

Now that Teams and other meeting apps are well established, Microsoft seems to be mainly concerned with user-friendliness. With more than 320 million users, MS Teams is considered a very successful product. It is now no longer bundled with Microsoft 365 as before.

In any case, Teams has become much more widely available in the last year. In addition to the introduction of a faster client for Windows and Mac a few years ago, the app has recently finally arrived on Android Auto. Virtual Desktop Interface users have also had an improved Teams app available to them since December.

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