How to improve MS Teams using apps

MS Teams has become increasingly important in every organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic. MS Teams has changes the way we work and helped many businesses adapt to working from home. Online meetings, video calls and tasking are just some of the features of MS Teams which have eased to transition to home working. However increased use of MS Teams has created questions if certain processes can be improved or streamlined.

How can a business improve the functionality of MS Teams for a better experience and more productivity. There are a variety of apps available which are easy to integrate.  When your organisation has specific needs you can also build apps by for example using Power Apps for Teams.

Improve MS Teams usability with Apps

As every organisation is unique there is always a requirement to enhance MS Teams and make it more tailor made to your business. There is a wide range of ready made Apps available to improve your experience. There are over 700 Teams Apps in the Teams App store. We will give you a few examples of popular app types which are available for your organisation.

Project management Apps for MS Teams will help you to easily create tasks and actions. These tasks can be assigned to the appropriate persons or departments. An example of a project management app for Teams is Asana. Using an app like Asana makes sure that everyone knows what their tasks and responsibilities are.

Another popular Teams App is Slido. Slido enables you to organise live polls, quizzes and Q&A in your online Teams meetings. These are fully integrated into your meeting to create a much better online experience and not taking anything away from your poll or Q&A.

How to improve MS Teams using apps

Build custom MS Teams apps to enhance your experience

Of course there will be situations where there are solutions required that do not come in a ready made application. MS Teams is a very flexible software package that enables you to either have the IT department make more complex applications for your business or use Power Apps for MS Teams to build lighter apps.

Building and integrating custom apps to enhance MS Teams

MS Teams enables you to build complex apps to improve your experience and tailor make MS Teams to your organisation’s needs. Your IT department can use developer tools like Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Basic and Visual Studio Code. This will give your IT department all the tools to start developing powerful apps to massively improve your Microsoft Teams usability.

If you are a smaller organisation or do not have the in-house resources to develop your own apps Tech-Wales can help you develop tailor made MS Teams apps for your business.

Enhancing MS Teams by making apps with Power Platform

For the development of smaller applications Microsoft have a number of tools to help you develop your own applications for MS Teams. Microsoft Power Platform provides you with tools to enable you to build apps, workflows and even chatbots with a minimum use of code.

  • Microsoft Power Apps for Teams enables you to develop simple apps with low code which are easy to integrate within MS Teams.
  • Power Automate is an app for MS Teams includes a workflow designer to make automated workflows. Power Automate also includes a number of templates to get you started.
  • With Power Virtual Agents for MS Teams you can build bots. These bots can support your organisation with an IT Helpdesk or HR portal inside Teams.
  • MS Dataverse for Teams finally is a code data platform. As a low code data platform MS Dataverse gives you the tools to easily build and integrate apps and even chatbots into your MS Teams.

Tech-Wales MS Teams Power Platform consultancy

At Tech-Wales we can help you to develop MS Teams into an even more powerful tool tailor made to your business needs. We can provide flexible solutions using the Power Platform of MS Teams combined with excellent customer service. We can help your business forward using Power Apps and Power Automate to improve your staff home working experience.

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