Cloud Security Guidelines

Conventional in-house IT systems were experiencing different security risks than cloud computing networks. It is important to know how to keep your valuable data safe and what you can do to prevent attacks and data loss. Cloud security is essential within modern IT structures.

Any business will need to realise that cloud security is not a specific set of rules which can be applied to an organisation. A cloud security strategy is will be different depending on the organisation size, profit or non-profit, budget, specific risks and the level of risk with the organisation. Also not all data is very sensitive and maybe requires a different level of security.

Security agreement with cloud providers

As an organisation you need to make sure that there is a clear agreement regarding cloud security responsibility. It is important that the contract between your business and the cloud provider clearly states who is responsible for which security risks. This way you can develop a cloud security strategy for the areas of your responsibility. Do not assume that your cloud provider is responsible and make sure you know what is stated in your contract with the provider.

Create a safe business culture

Humans are the biggest risks when it comes to any IT security and also cloud security. Make sure to create a culture of security in your business. Make it a point of attention in meetings and keep updating and informing employees about their responsibility when it comes to security. Also make sure that employees are aware of the risks of phishing e-mails.

Train your IT-specialists

Internal IT-specialists get a different role when the company starts outsourcing infrastructure, applications and data by using a cloud provider. They do not always realise that the risks regarding security have changed. Different skills are needed to understand cloud technology. Investing in the knowledge and awareness of your IT-specialists is essential for improving your cloud security.

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Cloud Security Guidelines

Appoint data owners

Appointing data owners in the shape of a team or a person increases in general data security. It is important that the persons involved are actually committed and have value for the organisation. When you make people responsible it often appears that they start to behave differently and they will show more awareness.

Use technology to protect people and your organisation

As stated before it is important that employees are aware of cloud security and how they need to behave and act to increase security. An example to help employees is two factor authentication. This can prevent security issues in a simple manner.

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