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It’s #FridayFun time! Check out the Iphone 6 Parody Commercial by IKEA “BookBook ™” !

We see enough of these commercials, showing off the latest technology specs every time there’s a new release! Here’s one that’s a little different. or similar whichever way you want to look at it…

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It’s that time of the week again! Woohoo! Here’s a little #FridayFun with iPhone vs WindowsPhone!

We love these ads! Here’s the new HTC One M8 (windows phone) showing up Siri (iPhone)!

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It’s time for some #FridayFun ! My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – BBC One

It might be an old one, but I came across this last night and it’s still just as funny, even if you’ve seen it before! If you’re lacking that #FridayFeeling this should help!

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5 Tips On Internet Safety!

It’s quite likely that if you’ve been hearing reports from the news that there is a cybersecurity pandemic currently happening, meaning that all your PC’s are going to be menaced by all sorts of nasty bugs and viruses that will turn your PC into a lump of

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Google Apps for Business vs Office 365

Save time! Office 365 has a familiar user interface. It has decades of Microsoft development behind it, with feature refinements based on usability testing and user feedback. Google Apps is a collection of features born just a few years ago! Don’t be restricted! Use Office 365 across

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Struggling with data storage? Get a Terabyte with OneDrive! Wait, what is a Terabyte?

For People in business, data storage becomes an expensive necessity. Whatever industry you work in, today’s business is more mobile and people need access to their important documents on the move, wherever they are! With 1 Terabyte of online storage now available with Microsoft OneDrive for business

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Give your employees the flexibility to work wherever they need to be!

As the division between our personal and business lives blurs, more people are working from home, the office, and on the road–and using a growing assortment of mobile devices to do this work. This flexibility can create great business benefits by fostering happier, more productive employees. But

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Heartbleed Security Issue – Some Practical Advice

A new security issue dubbed Heartbleed was disclosed on Monday night which has implications to users of the web. The bug allows a webservers’ memory to be accessed including private data such as username, passwords and credit card details. Whilst this is a serious issue it should be

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Meet Windows 8.1 – It’s (Much) Easier Than You Think!

Starting April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for customers using Windows XP. With this date mere days away, many businesses still lack a transition plan. A major reason for this delay in many cases is unfamiliarity with the new operating system – you’re already familiar with

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Helping you say goodbye to XP and usher in a new era of technology

Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. With this deadline looming, it’s important to plan the migration of your business to Windows 8.1 (if you haven’t done so already), so you can enjoy all the benefits of a modern platform to help

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