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Our dedicated team provides business IT support to companies in Swansea, South Wales. As a local company based in Port Talbot, South Wales we have a range of business IT support services plans to support your business. We have a business IT Support package for any business size. We can offer pay-as-you-go business IT support to suit a smaller budget but we also offer monthly business IT support in Swansea should you require a higher level of support from our team.

We can offer our IT Support to your staff remotely, which means we can solve the problem quickly so that your down time is reduced to a minimum.

Please have a look at the full specifications, prices and benefits of our business IT support in Swansea.

Business IT Support Swansea

Pay as you go Business IT Support Swansea

If a monthly fee does not fit within your IT budget we can offer pay-as-you-go business IT support in Swansea. This plan is perfect for small businesses or sale traders. You will only pay for your business IT support when you use it and we also offer pre-purchase packages with a discount. View all specifications of our pay as you go business IT support plan.

How much does it cost?

Our pay-as-you-go pricing is also simplicity itself:

Pre-Purchase 5 Hour Support Pack: £225+vat (10% discount)
Pre-Purchase 10 Hour Support Pack: £399+vat (>20% discount)

Monthly Business IT Support Swansea

Our monthly business IT support plans for businesses in Swansea makes you benefit from our premium level of support. We offer both remote only and fully inclusive support plans and all of our support plans are rolling on a month-on-month basis. There is no minimum contract period. View all specifications of our monthly business IT support plan.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our monthly support plans are based on the number of users (NOT DEVICES!) and number of servers that you would like us to cover. Plans start from just £75+vat per month covering 3 users for remote-only support and £120+vat per month for full support.

Contact our Technical Director today to get your own personalised quotation today.

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