What is Microsoft Power BI

What exactly is Microsoft Power BI? Microsoft Power BI is an ideal Business Intelligence tool to collect business data from various sources. These are then bundled in a report. After that, that report is also visualised in a clear dashboard that you can view on any device.

This way you have access to current information about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your company at any time of the day. And you only have to look at the screen to know how things are going. We will explain the benefits of Microsoft Power BI and what it can do for your business.

Intuitive decision-making tool

Microsoft Power BI is an impressively intuitive tool that allows you to analyse and visualize data from all possible data sources. You can really see at a glance how your business is performing. This makes it much easier for you to make future oriented decisions as you can not make decisions based on gut feeling alone. With Power BI you can make effective decisions based on rock solid reliable figures.

Microsoft Power BI is user friendly

With Power BI you can analyse data from any data source in an instant. You can also very easy present your data quickly and clearly. A few minutes after the data has been collected you can have a report or dashboard ready. You do not need to bring in experts to provide insight into your data. The moment you have set up Power BI in Office 365, you can easily get on with it and make balanced decisions.

Power BI for cloud, hybrid or local

If your business has not fully migrated to the cloud yet, Power BI also offers local and hybrid solutions. In the latter case, part of your data is located locally and part in, for example, Azure. Or all your data is stored locally and Power BI comes from the cloud. Or vice versa. Everything is possible. As a result, Microsoft Power BI has countless possibilities, wherever your data is located and how deeply it is hidden in some systems.

Sharing reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards can easily be shared with others from Microsoft Power BI. This can be colleagues in your own organisation, but also stakeholders outside the organisation. Think of customers, suppliers or stakeholders. Of course you decide with whom you share your information. That way you can keep control over the different dashboards and you can easily share smart insights.

What is Microsoft Power BI

Saving on license costs

Microsoft Power BI also gives your business the opportunity to save considerably on licensing costs. You no longer have expensive licensing costs for other business systems such as financial and ERP systems. This can save your business a considerable amount of money.

Microsoft Power BI is accessible everywhere

When you have created a report or dashboard in Power BI, you can access it anywhere and at moment. That is an advantage that should not be underestimated. The web app works perfectly for viewing and editing reports from the desktop. The iOS and Android apps make it possible to use them on the go, for example when visiting customers.

Power BI and other Microsoft products

Power BI is developed by Microsoft and works seamlessly with all other Microsoft products, such as MS SharePoint. Also Power BI works with more than 50 popular business apps, such as Dynamics 365 and database, complete with directly usable dashboards.

Tech-Wales Business Applications

We can integrate Power BI in your business as part of our Business Application Development and Consultancy services. Combined with our excellent Business IT Support we can provide your business with the complete package. Open up your business to effective business intelligence to help grow your business and make the right decisions. Feel free to contact us and discuss your options.