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Myths about cloud computing risks! Your questions answered…

IS SECURITY COMPROMISED IN THE CLOUD? There are no more security risks than an onsite server, in fact you have more peace of mind in the cloud, due to the increase in controlsand procedures which they are constantly monitoring and improving. For example, Microsoft Office 365 provides:

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We’re “Up In the CLOUD” in this months Business Life Magazine

Cloud is the current ‘buzz’ word for business. But what is it and why is it the best option for start up companies and SME’s? Cloud computing allows you to host your important business information such as documents, email and financial data online so that they are

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Improve your Small Business Communication and Productivity!

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud solution for business allowing users to access and share information and tools from virtually anywhere. All of the applications within Office 365 such as Email, Video Conferencing and programs like Word and PowerPoint are all hosted remotely on secure servers financially backed

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