How to make better reports with Power BI

When trying to build success in your business, it is critical to quickly and efficiently use your business data and intelligence to drive your organisation forward. For excellent data visualisation Microsoft Power BI can help you do exactly that.

MS Power BI is a cloud-based platform that helps you making powerful reports and analyse your data. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to make sure your reports are powerful and how you can use them to your advantage.

Power BI Platform

Microsoft Power BI is a software platform that uses raw data from any data source and lets you create reports and presentations. It adds a visual element to your data in a way that gives you real-time answers to any number of questions you may have. This content is accurate and highly scalable, so you can use it to achieve your internal goals, make sense of new business, and more.

Useful tips how to make better reports in MS Power BI

Think about the story of your data and not just the numbers

When presenting data it is very important to tell a story with the data and what the implications are. When you create reports in MS Power BI, you are able to objectively break down the data. From here you can present the report in a way that gets to the core of the issue so that your data represents reality. Your audience will be drawn to the story and the data will support each your words and actions.

Ask MS Power BI the right questions

You will want to make use of the powerful questioning options built into the software. This helps you to adopt a practical attitude. Because this feature is so helpful and powerful, you always need to make sure to ask important questions. This will help you use MS Power BI more effectively and gives you the always important answers provided by your data.

How to make better reports with Power BI

Mix and match colours and other report design options

When creating reports in MS Power BI, it is very important that you understand the aesthetic appeal of your images. This means choosing the colour schemes, chart types, shapes, and categories that are useful. MS Power BI allows you to play around with various dynamic formatting options that will help you.

The design options are limitless and you can consistently upgrade the tools at your disposal with custom templates and routine upgrades. Your reports will be stunning when you choose the right perspectives and create visual reports that makes the most sense for your information needs.

Keep your Power BI reports simple and organised

While Power BI has a lot of excellent features, never lose sight of the fact that simple is always best. You can create reports that are detailed, yet remain simple and workable. Because the data is very important, you should be able to use it to create presentations that make a difference. The way to achieve this is to simplify your visual presentations with the core information.

Your reports should be broken down into key metrics and you’ll need more or less depending on what you’re presenting. In addition to charts and tables, you can get your point across by highlighting word charts, models, circle matrices, and other strategies. The more you experiment with the built-in features, the better you can handle the execution and use of your reports.

Make sure to add context to your reports

Never make the mistake of creating reports without context. Not only will you have to tell a story and present data but you will also have to let the your audience know exactly why this information is important. Include action points, relevant questions, and strong calls to action so you can get the best value from any data visualisation. When you contextualise every report you create and get your point across in the right way.

Tech-Wales Power BI Consultancy

At Tech-Wales we can help you set up MS Power BI for your organisation as part of our business application consultancy services to help you use your data top your advantage and help you take your business forward. We can also help you set up excellent reports to help you present your key points in a clear manner. Do not hesitate and contact us today to discuss.